Now I am not much of a city girl - I would take a day in the mountains over a big city any day. But with that being said, London is one of my favorite cities (I will probably say that about every city I visit… you have been warned). It is the most perfect blend of old and new.  It is diverse and extreme, beautiful yet rough, fast yet sleepy, and noisy yet peaceful. There were so many things I loved about England but I think my favorite part of was definitely the people. From the devilishly handsome and charming men to the cute little old ladies that say, “smashing” in their magnificent accents, the people are so friendly and willing to help. From 8AM smiles on the Tube to the kind old man that had to explain that the word for elevator was “lift.” Another thing that I loved about England was the history. Two thousand years of history to be exact. It is incredible to think that England’s history began long before America was even established as a country. I don’t know if there is any other city in the world that you can be standing in the Tower of London, a ancient castle and fort built in 1078 and look to your left and see the Shard, a modern 1,000 foot tall skyscraper built across the river. Another part of Britain that fascinates me is the royal family. Yeah, they are slightly overrated and get way too much press but for real how cool is it that they have a queen and palaces (which are beautiful by the way). The royal family has absolutely zero political power but it is still cool to learn about the history of their beginnings.

There wasn’t really any part of England that I didn’t like so here were a few of my favorite things: St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (an architectural brilliance), Windsor Castle (the royal family’s “quaint” 484,000 sq. foot weekend home…), Stonehenge (the weirdest but coolest structure of rocks), evening service in Westminster Abbey (where Will and Kate got married ayyyyo), roaming the cobblestone streets of Bath, eating the best wings I have ever had from The Swan, walking down Oxford Circus at night, and of course, getting to use my super great fake British accent. London was an absolute dream and I will definitely be back.


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